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  • Free internet browser for gamers

Opera GX is a free-to-use web browser from Opera, designed specifically for gamers. Unlike other browser apps, this app boasts a customizable interface as well as interchangeable themes. Intended to fit every gamer’s aesthetic choice, it even comes with a set of sound effects as well as custom-designed integration.

Even better, Opera GX is designed to optimize device resources as you play, limiting CPU and RAM usage in the background, and even comes with its own VPN and ad blocker, ensuring you play without issues. For gamers, keeping a coherent feel not only helps in the aesthetics but could also boost performance, and having Opera GX on your device is a good call. On the surface level, it’s largely customizable with different skins to suit your style choices, plus a shift between dark and light themes. More importantly, it ensures you optimize your device resources, helping you browse and play without slowing down.

KPI Requirements

  • R1: 66%
  • R7: 56%
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