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Информация о программе

The Mothercare brand is synonymous with children and parenting. It carries with it a reputation for specialism, quality, safety and innovation in providing products and services for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children.

Mothercare is passionate about its commitment to offering customers a multi-channel shopping environment through retail stores, catalogues and the internet, so that parents can meet the needs and aspirations for their children

For context campaigns please use the list of prohibited keywordsBrand Bidding is not allowed. Prohibited usage of brand name, as well as any misspellings and variations: "Mothercare" (e.g., "mothe care", "mothercar", etc). Prohibited usage of the brand name + geo/voucher / coupon. 

  • The publisher will be immediately disconnected if any violation found.

The cross-domain tracking is not active, please create separate deeplinks for each GEO to be sure that all the orders are well tracked.

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