Lineage 2: Project Eva [CPP] Many GEOs

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Join the Lineage 2 Project Eva [CPP] Many GEOs partnership program!

Already played Lineage 2, but something went wrong? New servers are a great chance to start your story from scratch! Project Eva is a separate server with unique mechanics and versatile monetization.

LINEAGE 2 Project Eva is a separate server with unique mechanics and versatile monetization.

  • Comfortable setting for leveling up
  • Classes self-dependence for playing solo
  • Dimensional zones for PvP and monster hunting
  • New unique classes and race


Freedom of Choice - Play any class you like even without a party: every character has their own renewed buffs! Even healers have powerful attack skills and can level up on par with others.

Easy Leveling-up - Level up easily with XP boosters and the Magic Lamp bonus. Also, a special auto-hunting system is available. If you turn it on, your character will kill monsters, pick up loot and use HP potions autonomously.

Dimensional Battles - Show your skills in the dimensional 3 vs 3 Olympiad or fight for rare materials in special instance zones against the most ambitious players from other servers!

More Races and Classes - Try something new! Only in Essence a unique Death Knight class is available. Also, there is a new race of Sylphs equipped with firearms.

Regular Updates - Experience Crusader, our latest update. Visit Valakas Temple and new dimensional zones, fight new bosses and discover your new powerful skills!

Project Eva Update

Check ’The High Elves’ update that introduces a new race and classes. And don’t forget to try Project Eva — a separate server with unique mechanics and versatile monetization.


It is a separate Lineage 2 Essence server that will grant you the unique game experience. It features easy-to-understand mechanics, transparent economy system and the Eva Pass* support kits.

*A kit with everything you need: useful consumables, jewels and adena.


NEW RACE AND NEW CLASSES: New race "The High Elves" and two new classes: Divine Templat and Element Weaver;

CELESTIAL TOWER: A session zone that is available only on weekdays and only if you are Lv. 90 and higher. On Friday the emperor Ferion appears in the heart of the tower, and the area around him turns into a PvP-zone. Choose a faction and fight other players to defeat Ferion and get a reward according to your contribution;

LANDS OF SHADOW AND WASTELAND OASIS: Two new zones for efficient leveling in one update! If you are Lv. 80-90, hurry up to visit the Lands of Shadow. Despite its gloomy name, this place is a home to miraculous flowers that can be awakened only by High Elves. Once awakened, these flowers grant everyone a +50% XP buff. The Wasteland Oasis is best suited for adventurers of Lv. 88-90. Melee skirmishes in this area may attract Elite Raiders. Moreover, near the central oasis you will find special monsters that drop valuable loot;

MONSTER INVASION: A cross-server event where you will have to repel waves of monsters! If you want to participate, go to the event area right before the start and kill as many enemies as possible. Defeat a boss at the end to get a reward according to your contribution.

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