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Lineage 2 is a free-to-play version of the legendary MMORPG that has been developing for more than 10 years. Enjoy the new story-driven dungeons and new epic bosses, large-scale dimensional sieges, up-to-date chronicles and a unique race of Ertheia. Prepare for fantastic open-world PvP, battles against the whole server and massive sieges. This version of the game has everything for spectacular fights! You can fight against other players in the open world, the Grand Olympiad, during the Ceremony of Chaos or sieges and challenge the most ferocious bosses.

New global Master Class Chapter 3 update is live!
Over the past few years, the updates in the main version of Lineage 2 were hardly global and interesting. However, last fall, the Master Class update brought a lot of large-scale changes, and this year its second and third pard came out with a number of new features!

Death Knights - Even Deadlier: The new class Sigel Death Knight, which was added to the game not so long ago, received an additional series of power-ups. The class specializes in switching a variety of auras that affect the fighting style. Auras now have effects that further enhance the characteristics of the Knight.

Improved hunting zones: Level 101 can be reached in just a couple of hours, and then it gets more challenging for the player. Change of beautiful locations will allow you not to get bored during grinding. Moreover, in most hunting zones there is an additional bonus for groups, the balance of monsters and rewards for killing them have been improved. Some locations have grown in level and have been completely redesigned.

Dimensional Battleground - Tower of Insolence: The majestic Tower of Insolence has changed. Now it’s a dimensional hunting zone. Characters of level 110 and above, even if they are from different worlds, can meet in the tower and explore 9 floors and fight the Mimic monsters. They appear randomly in the dark corners of the tower. For killing them, you can get more experience and more valuable rewards.

Modification renewed: In the update, not only the interface for modifying items has changed, but also the possibility of mass enchantment has appeared, which is very useful when the inventory is filled up with accessories.

Convenient buffs: In Lineage 2, there was simply not enough room for all the buffs and a huge variety of buffs. Now some effects are combined into one in order to save space in the player's inventory. An important buff will not be lost if there is not enough space.

Tales of Hero: Explore the history of the Lineage 2 world together with the Tales of Hero! Collect the Tales, learn about key historical figures and enhance your characteristics. The more information you obtain, the greater your health, attack and defense stats become.

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