Партнерская программа Lineage 2 Essence EU [CPP] Many GEOs

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Информация о программе

Join the Lineage 2 Essence [CPP Innova] Many GEOs partnership program!

Already played Lineage 2, but something went wrong? New servers are a great chance to start your story from scratch! You can choose from 6 familiar races or join the newcomers with guns — Sylphs!


  • Comfortable setting for leveling up
  • Classes self-dependence for playing solo
  • Dimensional zones for PvP and monster hunting
  • New unique classes and race


Freedom of Choice - Play any class you like even without a party: every character has their own renewed buffs! Even healers have powerful attack skills and can level up on par with others.

Easy Leveling-up - Level up easily with XP boosters and the Magic Lamp bonus. Also, a special auto-hunting system is available. If you turn it on, your character will kill monsters, pick up loot and use HP potions autonomously.

Dimensional Battles - Show your skills in the dimensional 3 vs 3 Olympiad or fight for rare materials in special instance zones against the most ambitious players from other servers!

More Races and Classes - Try something new! Only in Essence a unique Death Knight class is available. Also, there is a new race of Sylphs equipped with firearms.

Regular Updates - Experience Crusader, our latest update. Visit Valakas Temple and new dimensional zones, fight new bosses and discover your new powerful skills!

Hurry up and catch this new in-game event: Black Coupon!

When spring comes, it's time to clean up your inventory, throw useless items away, and repair valuable ones. That's why we announce the Black Coupon time! This event will last until May 31, so hurry up! Using Black Coupons, you can restore your broken equipment and some other things.

During May, you can participate in a Spring Calendar event. Log in the game, spend at least 30 minutes online and receive daily rewards. What rewards? Ancient Adena, collection items, and 1-3-star Spellbooks. But most importantly, on the 22nd and 28th days, you may get Black Coupons as well. The coupons to restore any item you broke from November 16, 2022 until April 19, 2023.

If you have nothing to restore, you can exchange the coupons for powerful equipment: +6 Talisman of Eva, +6 Talisman of Speed, or +6 Dragon Belt. Also, you can trade it for Elixir Powder (10 pcs.). But if you have some patience, collect two Black Coupons and exchange them for +6 Talisman of Authority.

Keep in mind that Spring Calendar ends on May 31, 2023 — all Black Coupons will be deleted on that day.

Event Banners

Assassin update is live!

Shadow has covered Elmoreden in the Assassin update! The silent killers have come to the kingdom, so stay on your guard. Try out the new class, but also don't forget about new locations, weapons of Immortality and epic bosses.

Be the first to master the new class. Assassins may seem similar to other dagger-wielders, but don't let appearances deceive you: these stealthy killers have unique abilities that let them attack enemies with shadows, control time and teleport instantly. The flow of battle will be changed forever!

Also, don't forget about new world zones! Fight the dreadful demon Kelbim in Kelbim's Fortress, challenge Triol's High Priestess in the Pagan Temple or test your strength against Empress Radin in the Garden of Authority. In the new zones you may get a unique weapon of Immortality that applies special effects on enemies.

Well, are you ready to check it all out for yourself? Then see you in Elmoreden!

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