Партнерская программа Kamaayurveda [CPS] Many Geo's

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  • EPC 510$
  • Подтверждение 61%
  • PostClick cookie 30 дней
  • CR 1.3%
  • Средн. обработка 59 дней
  • Среднее время оплаты 59 дней

Информация о программе

Company Description- Kama Ayurveda offers high quality, beautifully packaged, Ayurvedic and natural beauty and wellness products that are used by some of the world’s leading hotels and spas in India, USA and Europe. Kama Ayurveda creates the complete natural remedy by using original, time tested and balanced prescriptions. The Ayurvedic treatments are 100% natural with no artificial colors, fragrances, animal ingredients and petrochemicals. The ingredients are prepared from plants and herbs collected from natural habitats.

Campaign Description- Kamaayurveda CPS gives an opportunity for affiliates to earn good revenue if the sales are delivered through affiliate links.

Target Market- Worldwide

Age- Male, Female 18 and above

Campaign Objective- To deliver successful sales for Kamaayurveda CPS

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