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Информация о программе

Unique promo codes are now available for the campaign. Please, request your personal code in a ticket or through your personal manager. More info in the program rules.

Fordeal is an e-commerce company, focusing on the GCC market, and providing over 10 million SKUs and update 50,000+ SKU on the daily basis.

Due to global supply chain resources, we are able to provide high-quality and low price products to our customers.

What products do we sell?

-We offer all kinds of categories, such as home, baby product, caruse, 3C, makeups, women clothing, men clothing, shoes, accessories, bag.

Advantages for publishers: 

-High conversion rate
-Dedicated Program Management and Support
-mobile and pc are available

Advantages for users:

-We have brand awareness in GCC market
-The product price is cheap
-We have a local warehouse, with fast shipping

Target audience:

People of all ages 

Target GEO:

  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Bahrain
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Egypt

Temporary there is no delivery to Oman 

You may find the list of weekly best-selling items here.

Our goal is not to earn a profit, but to expand the market share.

Waiting for you to join us!

Admitad is a German IT company headquartered in Heilbronn that develops and invests in services for media buying, increasing sales and attracting customers through online advertising, traffic and content monetization and earnings using a single platform.
Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
Founder Alexander Bachmann