EPC 11$
CR 0.9%
Подтверждение 87%
Подтверждение 87%
Средн. обработка 49 дней
Средн. обработка 49 дней
PostClick cookie 30 дней
Среднее время оплаты 50 дней


Commission: 0.90%


Информация о программе

Company Description: Etihad Airways is the second flag carrier of the UAE. Its head office is in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi, near Abu Dhabi's International Airport. Etihad commenced operations in November 2003. It is the second-largest airline in the UAE after Emirates. The airline operates more than 1,000 flights per week to over 120 passenger and cargo destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, with a fleet of 102 Airbus and Boeing aircraft as of February 2020. In 2015, Etihad carried 14.8 million passengers, a 22.3% increase from the previous year, delivering revenues of US$9.02 billion and net profits of US$103 million. Its main base is Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Campaign Description: Etihad provides an opportunity for the publisher to earn a commission when any customer book a flight on www.etihad.com through Admitad's affiliate link and then customer completes their booking.

Tracking: Online

Cookie Time: 30days

Target geo’s: Worldwide

Validation Cycle: 30days from the booking date

Deeplinking: Allowed

Etihad Airways Partner Program terms

Etihad Terms & Conditions

Valid Bookings: A customer must place an online order on https://www.etihad.com or https://m.etihad.com to be eligible to receive a commission.

Referral Period: The cookie period for Etihad affiliate activity is 30 days. This means that as long as the customer books their flight within 30 days of clicking on your affiliate link, and as long as no other affiliate link is clicked on after yours, you will receive a commission.

Unlimited Referrals: Multiple bookings can receive a commission as long as they are all within the lifecycle of the cookie (30 days).

Search (SEM) Campaigns

Protected SEM Bidding Keywords

Unless specifically agreed in writing with Etihad Airways or Admitad, Affiliates must not:

  • Purchase, license, or operate any domain name which is the same as, similar to, or derivative of ‘Etihadairways.com’ or 'Etihad.com'.
  • Bid on the ‘Etihad.com’ brand terms, or any of their misspellings (this applies to Etihad trademarks and misspellings in all languages/Etihad trademarks and misspellings translated to any language), on any of the search engines that currently operate web services; a non-exhaustive list of possible derivatives of the brand term are: Etihadairways.com Etihad Etihad.com Www.Etihadairways.com, Etihad com, wwwEtihad com, www Etihad, www.etihad, etihad dot com, etihaddotcom, etihad .com, uk etihad.c, Ethiad, Ethiad.com, www.Ethiad.com, Etihad co, Etihadcouk, Etihad.co.uk, www.Etihad.co.uk, etihad uk,  ey.com, ETC
  • Use the Etihad.com brand terms to perform paid search activity across any search engines that operates web services and to that effect, Affiliates must add the ‘etihad.com’ brand terms and misspellings as stated above as above as negative matches to their PPC campaigns. A negative match needs to be setup on both exact and broad match terms.
  • Use the brand term “etihad.com” or its derivatives in the Affiliate's ad text for driving traffic from Etihad Airway’s competitors' brand terms to Etihad Airway’s site nor the affiliate's sites.
  • Drive paid or unpaid traffic from search engines directly to Etihad Airways pages or the Etihad.com site overall. The affiliate has to use their own sites for traffic from search engines. For the avoidance of doubt, the above restrictions or the specific terms of agreement regarding authorized PPC activity shall supersede any conflicting provision that may be found in any section of this Agreement. These rules are effective immediately (9th April 2013) and should the Affiliate not comply they will be banned from the Etihad Airways affiliate program with immediate effect and have their commissions declined or frozen without appeal.

Recommended SEM Bidding Keywords

  • Affiliates are allowed to do PPC activity on other generic keywords.

Prohibited SEM Display URL Content

  • Any affiliates that promote Etihad Airways via display are responsible for their activity, regardless of whether they own the websites on which they are promoting Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways reserve the right to withhold commissions if the affiliate breaches Etihad Airways terms and conditions.

Direct linking (Use of Display URL)

  • This is not permitted.


Prohibited Web Site Domain Keywords

  • Purchase of Domains: Affiliates are not permitted to register domain names that include variations of Etihad Airways' own URL.

Prohibited Web Site Content

  • Creative: Affiliates should only use creative supplied directly from their network account, which must in turn be supplied to them by the Affiliates team at Digitas.

Additional Promotional Methods


  • Affiliates are not permitted to send any unsolicited email ("spam") under this Affiliate program. HTML creative is not available at the present time, and affiliates should not send solus emails to their databases.
  • Affiliates are permitted to include Etihad offers in multi-merchant emails, as long as the offer details are valid and correct. Affiliates caught doing otherwise will be cautioned and ultimately removed from the program.

Social Media

  • Social Media Promotions are permitted on the Etihad program. However, affiliates are not permitted to advertise their own websites by posting on Etihad Airways' official Facebook wall. Affiliates are not permitted to pose as Etihad Airways on any social media platform. Affiliates are permitted to advertise Etihad Airways on their own branded social pages. If you have any questions or queries, please contact Admitad.


Coupons and Promotional Codes

  • Publishers may only use coupons and promotional codes that are provided exclusively through the affiliate program. The use of voucher/coupon codes which have been found elsewhere online, social marketing, forums, or from Etihad’s alternate marketing channels may result in commissions being declined. Publishers utilize unauthorized codes at their own risk, and Etihad may decline commissions where unauthorized codes are used should this be necessary. Authorized codes will be issued periodically alongside sale promotions via the Etihad newsletter, or to discuss specific voucher code promotions.

Toolbars, Browser Extensions, and Software

  • Etihad only supports affiliates who utilize toolbars to drive incremental value. With this in mind, while we do encourage affiliates to be creative, we need to be clear that any toolbars or software that interrupt the customer journey in any way after the customer has arrived at Etihad.com will not be accepted on to our program. This includes tools that act as a "reminder" to consumers to check a particular site or click a particular link. The affiliate role in promotion should ideally always be the driving of incremental traffic and bookings TO Etihad.com. Tools that do otherwise are not considered at the present time.

Additionally, tools that alter links to affiliate links without the user's knowledge are also currently considered misleading and will not be accepted.

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