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Du Pareil Au même (DPAM) is an international chain of children's clothing shops that is present in various countries around the world. The brand has a significant number of retail outlets located strategically to ensure a broad audience reach. Here are a few critical points about DPAM shops around the world.
The Du Pareil au même brand has been part of French children's wardrobes for over 30 years.
It revolutionised the market, and today, it continues to champion a new vision for children's clothing with its vibrant colours, unique motifs, exceptional details and excellent quality at a small price. 
An online shop in the MENA region opened at the end of 2023. The catalogue includes clothes for children from 3 months to 12 years old for the current season. 

The markets in focus are the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

80% of DPAM.ae's customers are women between the ages of 35-44

We offer free shipping to customers residing in both UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Our advantages: 

A well-known brand with a rich history, Du Pareil Au même is a recognisable brand with over 30 years of history that is at the forefront of the children's fashion industry. Partnering with such a brand will raise the profile of your shop or venue.

Quality products: DPAM clothing is known for its high quality and durability. Partners can rest assured that the products they promote are of high standards, which helps to establish trust with customers.

Wide range of products: The DPAM brand offers a wide range of children's clothing for all ages and occasions, from casual wear to festive outfits. This allows partners to appeal to a diverse audience and fulfil different customer needs.

Innovative designs: DPAM is always on trend and offers fashionable, stylish, and original designs that catch customers' attention. This enables partners to attract audiences oriented towards the latest fashion trends.

Marketing and advertising support: The DPAM brand offers many promotional materials, discounts, and promo codes. These help partners more effectively attract new customers and increase sales.

Environmental Responsibility: The DPAM brand actively pursues sustainability and ecological responsibility, which are essential to modern consumers. Working with such a brand will allow partners to advocate ethical fashion and attract relevant audiences.

Our story:
There's a whole story to Du Pareil au même: that of a theatre designer who found the world of children's clothes dull. A man from the creative stage and full of imagination opened a discount clothing store and started designing a radically different range. From his simple desire to create fun and colorful clothes, he raised the curtain on a new world with a strong personality: our first boutique, Du Pareil au même, opened in 1986.
The Du Pareil au même brand has been in French children's wardrobes for over 30 years. It has revolutionized the market, and today, it still champions a new vision of children's clothing with its brightly colored clothes, unique motifs, exceptional details, and excellent quality at a small price!
It's a universal brand: clothes for every occasion, from newborns to tweens, from head to toe.A happy, playful brand: clothes that mean joy, surprises, bright colors, and a sense of humor. A brand that means freedom: inspired by everything, free of conventions to create original designs; a brand that renews itself and lets everyone put together their look.

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