Партнерская программа D'arienzo Many Geos

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Информация о программе

D’Arienzo was born in 1991 from the intuition and the intellectual capacity of its founder, Mr. Matteo D’Arienzo, and it has become leader in the production and the commerce of leather clothing.Despite firmly anchoring in handcrafted tradition and family-run business, D’Arienzo brand has taken over the top Italian leather fashion, ranking a good position at international level, by winning important market sectors in Europe, Asia and America.

The trademark‘s force is based on the quality of its raw material and its manufacture, it generates continuously any innovative ideas, but it is still anchored in the traditional local leather industry. In a territory recognized as being the home of leather, the competence constantly growing allowed to D’Arienzo family and its staff to choose the best raw materials and the best qualified workforce, giving an original mark to its leather products. The target of the company is to satisfy the customers that have become most demanding over the years, aiming a high target of customers that appreciate and use high quality products, even if it is still within a range of moderate prices for great consumption.

D’Arienzo Collezioni shop online was born in 2014, a brochure website which all our Customers can look up from home or mobile phone any time in order to preview all the products available in the store and be informed about the last new trend of our brand. D’Arienzo is proud to assist thousands of Customers all over the world with the best Italian handcrafted tradition.





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