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Информация о программе

ClevGuard is a one-stop solution provider for parental control and cell phone/computer monitoring. Our products is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows PC.

Advantages for users:

At ClevGuard we’re dedicated to helping you protect your loved ones and secure your data. We focus a great deal on user trust and adopt every user’s ideas.

Advantages for publishers:

  • High Quality Software
    ​​​​Our products have been proven by many famous publications around the world, which makes the conversion rate higher than the industrial average.
  • High Commission Rate
    We provide 50% commission per sale to publishers, it's easy to make money and expand your business.
  • Dedicated Support
    The professional advice, support and help by a dedicated affiliate team. We will also provide banners/promotional materials to you.

Target audience:

Families, parents, companies and people who needs monitoring solution. (FOR LEGAL USE ONLY)


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