Партнерская программа Zonky CZ

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  • EPC 1183$
  • Подтверждение 20.6%
  • PostClick cookie 45 дней
  • CR 2%
  • Средн. обработка 36 дней
  • Среднее время оплаты 36 дней

Информация о программе




Zonky can now lend money within 5 minutes of a user filling out an application.

Zonky.cz is an online service where people lend money to each other. They can get loans from people who are borrowing money from each other. Here you are not in a bank, but among real people. The whole loan process is pleasant, we talk to you about everything and we don't hide anything from you. Zonky will connect you with people you'd like to meet and look after you throughout your loan.



The lowest interest rate on Zonky is 4.99% p.a. and more than ½ of our customers with a loan of CZK 150,000 get an interest rate of 5.99% p.a. on Zonky. In total, the customer pays CZK 177 416 over 5 years.

Ideal loan seeker: Rather male, high school, employed, 25 - 40 years old, income 20 - 30K

Commission model: Commission 1.5% for a loan without insurance, commission 2% if insurance is also arranged.

Important information about conversions loading:
In the conversion report you will see a lead - a record of a completed loan application. However, you will always know its final status, including any final amount and reward (depending on whether or not the loan was insured), after the update based on reports from the advertiser. This is usually on a weekly basis, but no later than 60 days after the application.



amount 20.000 - 1.200.000 CZK
maturity 12 - 120 months
remittance method transfer (immediately, max. 1 day)
must be an employee no (can also be self-employed)
Min. income no
Receipt of income No, individually
checks registry yes
registration required yes
purpose no purpose
processing time approval within 2 minutes, money in the account within 5 minutes
can be completed online yes
free early redemption yes
Provision fee yes
Citizenship Czech Republic
interest rate 4.99% - 19.99%
Age limit/range 18+
Bank account yes



Type of traffic STATUS Note
Web yes KW ban in domain
Mailing no  
SEM yes bidding on TM KW
Social yes  
Incentives no  
Cashback yes  
Pop up/under yes (tab/under no)  
Own creatives yes pre-approved only
Multiple actions from 1 IP yes  
Cookie validity 45 days  

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Admitad is a German IT company headquartered in Heilbronn that develops and invests in services for media buying, increasing sales and attracting customers through online advertising, traffic and content monetization and earnings using a single platform.
Founded 2009-09-01, Lise-Meitner-Str, Heilbronn
Founder Alexander Bachmann