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Информация о программе

"Lana Plantations is your unique guide to the world of luxurious plants and garden ideas. We are the leading specialists in landscaping and creating exclusive plant compositions for private and commercial properties.
1. Calculation of payment for a paid order for more than 500 €
2. Rate is 7%

A cap is allocated for each source separately and must be agreed with the manager. Starting cap - 20 conversions.

-The period to conversion is on average 2-4 days

Geo: Luxembourg. Orders higher than 2.000 euros can be delivered to France.
Applications from other geos will not be paid.
Promo languages - French, German, Luxembourgish, English, Russian.
The brand can only be used under GEO Luxembourg

Benefits for customers:

- Free shipping from 200 euros
- More than 10,000 satisfied customers
- Ability to plant and care for plants
- Plants of the best quality
- Prices from the supplier

Portrait of the target audience:

- Gender: Male, Female
- Age: 25-65+
- Income: 5000 euros +
- Marital status: Doesn't matter
- Interests: House, garden, construction, landscaping, plants

Most popular products categories: Arbres, Arbustes

Recomendations for promoting:

- Free home delivery for orders over 200 euros
- More than 10 years on the Luxembourg market
- Family business
- Over 11,000 plants
- 30% discount

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